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YES-Athletics sponsors liability insurance for Member Clubs under the following provisions. YES-Athletics also sponsors limited insurance for Non-member clubs/teams and Unattached students who are participating in the CCCNYC meet under the following provisions. Terms: YES-Athletics Member Clubs have “year-round” coverage according to provisions established by Youth ENDURO Sports, Inc. (DBA - “YES-Athletics”) Clubs that have year-round coverage through YES-Athletics pay a reduced entry fee for the CCCNYC meet. Non-member Clubs do not have “year-round” coverage. Non-member Clubs have coverage at the venue on the day before the CCCNYC meet (competition), and at the venue the day of competition at the CCCNYC meet - which is paid by participants via the meet entry fee. To have “year-round” coverage, the following provisons must be met: (A) Application to “Opt In” (for membership / year-round coverage) must be completed during Aug, Sept or Oct of the membership year. All provisions of the “Opt In Option” must be completed at least two weeks prior to the CCCNYC meet if competing as a YES-Athletics Member Club at the national meet. (B) ALL students (100%) who are part of the club must have a current YES-Athletics annual (individual) membership. ($10 / Student) (C) All Club-parents must complete online Parent Authorization (PA) through the club’s ENDURO USA account - per instructions from the club’s “Coach of Record”. In Addition - the following provisions apply: (D) YES-Athletics “year-round” coverage is not available to clubs that have an affiliation (club membership) with another youth sports organization (such as AAU, USATF, etc.). (E) YES-Athletics “year-round” coverage is not available to any club that attended the CCCNYC meet in the past that “voluntarily opted out” - or was denied “year-round” coverage for prior year competition during any part of any “Membership Year”. (F) If a club/team does not complete all provisions of the “Opt In Option” application during Aug, Sept or Oct, it serves as a notification to YES-Athletics that the club/team intends to “Voluntarily Opt Out” during that Membership Year. (Membership year: Aug 1st to July 31st of the following year.) (G) YES-Athletics “year-round” coverage is not available to any club that is participating in the CCCNYC meet for the first time. (These clubs may “opt in” during the following membership year during Aug, Sept. or Oct. - according to the provisions herein.) If your club wants to apply for YES-Athletics Membership (year-round coverage) you must email Jane to start the application process during Aug, Sept or Oct of the membership year: (Membership year: Aug 1st through July 31st of the following year) UNATTACHED: Students who are participating in the CCCNYC meet as “unattached” (UNA) are not eligible for YES-Athletics year-round coverage (membership), and are not eligible for the reduced CCCNYC registration fee. Unattached students have coverage at the CCCNYC meet that is the same as participants in “non-member” clubs/teams. All legal guardians and the “Coach of Record” of student participants who pay for coverage available through YES-Athletics agree, without change, to the provisions herein, which may be updated, amended or deleted by YES-Athletics at any time, without notice and without recourse.
YES-Athletics Insurance Liability Insurance for teams/clubs, events
The ENDURO USA™ website is NOT available for online entries for the CCCNYC meet. The ENDURO USA™ website is available for parents to process online Parent Authorization (PA) and Annual Membership Fees for YES-Athletics individual memberships for students of Member Clubs. Each member club’s “Coach of Record” is responsible for coordinating and facilitating parent use of the ENDURO USA™ website within his or her YES-Athletics Club.