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The “Cross Country Coaches National Youth Championships is a national caliber event for youth clubs and unattached athletes.  [YES-Athletics “sponsors” (sanctions) this national competition.]                         Each student must be a YES-Athletics member --- and must be entered on-line through a YES-Roster account.  (Please see the YES-Athletics “Basics” page on this website for YES-Roster and YES-Connect USA information for Account Holders and Parents.)                            The 2014 entry deadlines for the CCCNYC meet will be listed below. _______________________________________________________
CCCNYC - - - November 22, 2014                           Nashville, TN                              Registration for the 2014 “CCCNYC” meet opens Oct 1st. Entry Deadline:  Tuesday November 18th - - - 9pm (central) CCCNYC Event website:  FINAL STEP TO ENTER COMPETITION  - - -       Attention YES-Roster Account Holder: After the membership and entry fees have been paid, RETURN to your main YES-Roster account to make sure ALL FIVE STEPS have been completed for each athlete - for the meet that is being entered - - - especially Steps 3, 4 & 5.      The team’s/club’s YES-Roster Account Holder must complete      YES-Roster Steps 1, 2, & 3 before entry fees can be paid on-line.      - - - Steps 4 & 5 must be completed AFTER entry fees are paid on-line. Parents can pay on-line for YES-Athletics Membership fees and competition entry fees. - - - This is done through the club’s YES-Roster “companion” site (YES-Connect USA).        But, the Account Holder for each YES-Roster account is responsible for entering             each student in competition (after parents have paid the necessary fees)        by making sure all 5 YES-Roster Steps have been completed.
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