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  YES-Athletics Membership Year:    August 1st to July 31st of the following year.                                       Please note:  If payment is made for a      YES-Athletics (Individual) membership or    YES-Roster account during July (2016),    that membership or account will expire on                          July 31, 2016    Refunds will not be processed for accounts     or memberships unless an administrative    error was made by YES-Athletics.
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YES-Athletics is the membership program for Youth ENDURO Sports, Inc., that provides liability insurance for school based running sport activities that are organized by school coaches (or PE teachers) as an “outside” program for local students.  YES-Athletics provides year-round liability insurance for coaches and PE teachers for covered activities, as well as providing events with liability insurance - as required by property owners such as municipalities, school systems, parks, business owners, etc.   --- Clubs/teams and parents of “unattached” students must        maintain an official on-line roster at: Coverage is also available for “age group” clubs attending the Cross Country Coaches National Youth Championships meet. [YES-Athletics “sponsors” (sanctions) this national competition.]           Even though students can be YES-Athletics members, their are no club or team “memberships”.  However, clubs/teams that have individual YES-Athletics members must maintain a current YES-Roster account that has each member listed on the “official”, respective Track & Field --- Cross Country --- and Boy or Girl Roster.  -There is a $15 or $30 annual account fee for each YES-Roster account. The adult responsible for an “unattached” athlete must also maintain a YES-Roster account to enter their respective “unattached” athlete(s). (The YES-Roster account administration fee does not apply to unattached accounts.)             SUMMARY: Clubs pay a YES-Roster account admin fee (which is either $15 or $30). The club administrator can then add students to the club's on-line roster. Parents can then provide Parent Authorization on-line for each student.    Parents (or the club administrator) can then pay students' individual    YES-Athletics Memberships on-line through the club's companion    site - YES Connect  (  As    students become YES-Athletics members, their "membership    status" will be listed as "YES" on the club's on-line roster,    which causes the club’s liability insurance to be in effect.     The club's liability coverage is in effect as a results of      having individual YES-Athletics members listed on       it’s official on-line Roster - - - at YES Please note:  we’re aware, throughout the year, club's may have students listed on it’s official on-line roster who will have a membership status of “no”.  In this case, the club’s liability coverage is in effect.  However, we strongly encourage each club to require all students who are active with the club to obtain a YES-Athletics individual membership in order to minimise the club’s liability exposure, and so that any issue related to a student that develops into a liability will fall under the liability coverage provided through YES-Athletics. Official On-line Roster - Entering Competition: The Account Holder for each YES-Roster account is solely responsible for entering each student in competition --- after each parent has provided on-line Parent Authorization, and after each parent (or the Account Holder on behalf of each parent) has paid all the necessary fees - by making sure All 5 YES-Roster Steps have been completed on-line.                    For more information, please scroll down and    click on the desired link(s) below.  Or, to go    directly to YES-Roster, click - - - HERE                                     
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